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Introduction To Medical Fitness

Dear Patients, Family and Friends,

First and foremost thank you for trusting me with your health care needs. Your health and well-being has always been important to me. As a valued patient of mine, I wanted to inform you of a new Medical Fitness program that we will be launching soon.

As your doctor, I was always concerned about your whole well­ being­, not just your low back, neck, or whatever issues you came into our clinic with. We want you to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest. But a lot of times, patients do not know where to start. Most patients have been told “eating healthy and exercising regularly, will help with their back pain, hypertension, and cholesterol” but where do you start? This is where as medical professionals, we have failed in the past. We gave orders but did not offer a plan to get you where you need to be. We are very excited to offer an evidence based Medical Fitness Program that will rejuvenate healthcare and your well-being.

Medical Fitness is a program that incorporates personal functional training, nutrition, behavior modification, biofeedback acupuncture along with medical testing to give you the best results and keep you safe. It’s the idea of using exercise and nutrition as your medication. It’s about educating and coaching you how to live healthier and make smarter choices. It’s about a healthier YOU and not just for you, but for your family, your children, grandchildren which you will want to pass on to your future generations.

We are not a “gym”…., our Medical Fitness Program is a medically supervised program that teaches you how to achieve your health care goals. We begin by having each client metabolically tested. We do it by weight measurements, waist to hip ratio analysis, blood tests, an ultrasound machine that measures fat and muscle composition and Basal metabolic rate testing to give you an idea of how many calories you burn throughout the day and how many extra you need to burn to lose weight.

So each person’s plan is a unique system based on their individual needs. We follow that initial test with eye­opening education on proper food selection and preparation, personalized workouts, dedicated personal coaching, and positive reinforcement. You will have free access to our new Fitness University where you will take classes of different levels on nutrition, psychology, fitness, anatomy, physiology, endocrinology and goal setting.

We will be emailing exciting and informative content that you can use  as a health education resource. We want to be a resource for your healthcare and fitness needs. And yes, we will be sharing our content via social media as well.

One of my passions is promoting and participating in health, exercise, and fitness. I could not be more excited to share this program with You.  Coming soon…, a new Medical Fitness brand,  a new website focused on Medical Fitness, your health and your well-being.



Dr. M. Naran, M.D.