145 West 15th St Suite #206A North Vancouver BC
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Welcome to the office of Dr. Naran

Dr. Naran is a Family Doctor who has a focus in treating  Musculoskeletal Pain. He provides Trigger Point Therapy and Laser Acupuncture to relieve muscular pain.

Dr. Naran’s patients have shown a significant reduction in pain after a few treatments. Patients sleep better and have a greater range of movement. Patients cut down on anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication usage and return to their normal activities in a shorter period of time. Please review some of our patient testimonials.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Shot

Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture

Exercise Rehab Program

Exercise Bands
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145 West 15th, Suite #206A 

North Vancouver

BC, V7M 1R9, Canada

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Telephone: (604) 986-4214

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*Please note that Dr Naran will be away from July 9 to July 17. He will be back on Thursday, July 18.