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Meet Our Team


Dr. Naran received his first qualification as a medical doctor in South Africa in 1987. He spent three years there, working in various hospitals practicing internal medicine. He then came to Canada in 1990 and worked in Chetwynd (a northern community in British Columbia) for two years as a family physician after which, he moved to North Vancouver in 1993 and opened his own family practice.

He obtained his Acupuncture qualification at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1995. In 2008, he obtained his certification in Trigger Point Therapy at the George Washington University, home of Janet Travell. He is a registrant with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in British Columbia since 1990 and a member of the Canadian Foundation of Acupuncture.


priti-naran (1)

As an advanced level Laser Therapy technician, Priti’s passion stems from her interest in working and interacting with people. She is organized and detailed and strives to give each of her patients clear and careful attention when working with them.

The ability to listen to her patients and understanding their pain-related needs sets her apart as a technician dedicated towards helping them.

Hearing about the healing effects of the treatment and the relief the patients receive, are motivating factors for Priti as she continues to elevate her interest in Laser Therapy.

Taylor Profile
Taylor Romanchuk, BHK, BCAK
Taylor is a kinesiologist with 20+ years of martial arts training & a Human Kinetics Degree specializing in injury rehabilitation. He applies his many years of knowledge to help you work out safely & effectively. During his time practicing in a clinical rehab setting, he has honed his ability to understand each client’s individual health needs and is able to design exercise programs that work around their injuries. With an emphasis on making fitness fun again, Taylor creates unique active rehabilitation programs ensuring you leave the class smiling and wanting more!
Gabriela (Gabi) Westphal
Medical Office Assistant

Meet our Medical Office Assistant, Gabi. With a passion for providing top-notch patient care, Gabi brings a wealth of experience and a warm, friendly demeanor to our practice. As the first point of contact for our patients, she greets everyone with a genuine smile and ensures a welcoming environment.

With a keen eye for detail and superb organizational skills, Gabi efficiently manages all administrative tasks in the office. She is also a certified Laser Therapy technician with a passion for helping patients achieve optimal wellness.

She takes pride in her ability to create a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere for patients, demonstrating empathy and compassion in every interaction. With her vast knowledge of the medical procedures offered by Dr. Naran, Gabi confidently answers patient inquiries and provides accurate information, helping to alleviate any concerns.

Above all, Gabi is committed to our patients’ well-being and strives to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional service.