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A Healthy Body Composition

It is overwhelming to have received so much interest and enthusiasm from my patients and friends regarding my new journey on Medical Fitness. I want to be your information resource towards health and fitness education, therefore I would like to start off with sharing some fundamentals.

Have you ever had a desire to attain that perfectly healthy body, either by losing, gaining or maintaining your weight, by not having to reach out for pain relief medications or wanting to prevent injuries, aches and pains in your body?

In relation to all of this, it is crucial to understand first, the importance of a Healthy Body Composition. There are seven key elements to support a Healthy Body Composition:

  1. SLEEP

You NEED to get 8 hours of quality sleep. If you are not sleeping well, it is important  to check medical issues that lead to poor sleep and fatigue. During sleep, the body will rebuild and repair while also releasing hormones that promote lean muscle growth and fat loss. Did you know, sleep deprivation is directly related to obesity and chronic disease.


With calorie deprivation, muscle is broken down for fuel. We need a constant supply of energy and protein to avoid muscle breakdown. Stabilizing blood sugar levels is critical as high insulin spikes lead to weight storage. Three practices that stabilize blood sugar levels are:

  1. Meal intervals: Eat a small healthy meal every 2-4 hours (about 6 meals a day)
  2. Follow the recommended macronutrient ratios unless otherwise noted by a dietitian:

                Protein 30% (important for lean muscle mass & metabolism)

                Fat 30% (important for energy & hormone production)

                Carbohydrate 40% ( important for energy)

  1. The general recommendation for total calories (per meal) need to be followed to avoid a spike in insulin and subsequent fat storage:

                200-300 calories for females (per meal)

                300-400 calories for males ( per meal)

It is important to maintain stable blood sugar levels to allow the body to burn fat for its energy and not lean muscle.


Some form of exercise should be done most days of the week:

  1. Weight training

            Increases lean muscle mass

            Increases metabolism & fat burning

            Increases anabolic hormone release

  1. Cardio training in the fat burning zone (HR around 110-120 bpm), can be done with weight training.
  2. Balance/proprioception exercises increase joint awareness and decrease risk of falls.

  Stretching: Relax and stretch after workout to increase joint range of motion and muscle stress.


Lab levels should be evaluated and results optimized for health and body composition. Hormone balancing is a big part of creating health and harmony in the body.

  1. WATER

Drink filtered water throughout the day and before your meals. Drink at least ½ your bodyweight in ounces a day.


Using the correct supplements is important to maintain strength and optimize body and cellular function.


Engage in yoga, meditation, time for yourself, reading, take a light walk, focus on breathing, or another “ down time” activity that you enjoy. This should be done most days of the week.

I sincerely hope you will take some time and reflect on how you can start to incorporate some of the above points into your daily living. I will reach out again to continue to offer you more information about Medical Fitness.

We will be starting soon! Preparations are underway, with some renovations to be complete and I hope to meet with you soon to discuss, assess and implement plans towards your good health and well being.  I look forward to your continued support and connection.


Dr. M. Naran, M.D.