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Rehabilitation Exercise Videos

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Our 1st video is an 8-minute dynamic movement routine which can be done right when you wake up in the morning, before an exercise session, gardening, or even just before a long walk. Now that we are sitting too much this routine can also be done also as a break to get moving again.

Performing exercises like the ones demonstrated in the routine are very important to get all the muscles and joints moving again, and also activates the nervous system. Last but certainly not least, dynamic exercises are beneficial in that they help prevent injuries.

There are 2 videos below. This first is an explainer video to show you how to do each exercise, as well as the different modifications and variations. Please perform the variation that works best for you currently.

Watch this video in its entirety then you can follow along with the second video, which shows the full 8-minute routine. Learn to get very comfortable with this routine by performing it regularly, it will serve you very well in your life! Enjoy!