145 West 15th St Suite #206A North Vancouver BC
FAX - (604) 980-4208


Fees for  Trigger point & Laser Acupuncture

Consultation: Covered by MSP.

Trigger Point Acupuncture: Covered by MSP.

Laser Acupuncture: $60 per treatment or $240 for 5 prepaid treatments.

Acupuncture: $60 per treatment.



  • Referrals are not required.
  • Laser and Acupuncture may be covered by some extended health plans.
  • Dr. Naran is certified in Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture but is not an acupuncturist, he is a qualified Physician practicing acupuncture.
  • Copies of his certifications are available for insurance purposes upon request.