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Harness the Power of Ketosis

Harness the Power of Ketosis

The Keto diet is a very powerful tool. Weight loss, mental clarity, higher levels of energy, better sleep, and overall improved health and wellness are just some of the benefits of following the Ketogenic Diet pathway. The Ketogenic diet targets many of the underlying causes of weight gain such as hormone and blood sugar imbalances. Using fat as energy vs. sugar (glucose) will result in a major make over from the inside out.

 What you get

  • 6 week program
  • 60 minute weekly group sessions
  • Specific Weekly Meal Plans with shopping /prep list
  • Supplement Protocol
  • Exercise guidance
  • Before and After Photo sessions.
  • Ongoing weekly check in’s
  • WhatsApp Support Group

The sign-up fee The Power of Ketosis is $420 (1 on 1 sessions)

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