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Leslie Grant

I had pain in my lower back, hip and leg for 1 year. I went for Intra muscular stimulation, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Massage therapy and spent a thousand dollars on treating my pain. They felt good for a short time and then, the pain would come back.Overall, I had 9 treatments of trigger point and laser acupuncture, and the thing I loved the most was the immediate sense of relief. Initially, when I came in for my treatment, I wouldn’t be able to walk up the stairs. After leaving Dr. Naran’s office, I wouldn’t have to take the elevator. So, I was surprised at what a big immediate sense of relief there was. I was also surprised at how long the relief lasted in between treatments. After every treatment, the pain would get better. I find that this immediate effect is so rare with other treatments! The laser acupuncture seemed so simple and it was amazing how well I took to that treatment. I like both, trigger point and laser acupuncture treatment because of the consistency, and the muscle is given “permission” to go back to normal or heal. It’s been 6 months since my treatment and now there’s no pain. It feels like the pain was never there at all

Lynne S

For over 30 years, I have had extreme pain, discomfort and spasms in my back, buttocks, wrists and foot. My life/body before Trigger Point treatment was extremely painful. It prevented me from doing almost everything comfortably, from walking up stairs, to making the bed, it all seemed impossible. I couldn’t do the simplest of things like bending or even exercise. My sleep was affected as well, because every time I woke up, I had pain. When I had to shift, and move, I would have pain. Ever since I received Trigger Point treatment, I feel like I’ve been given a small miracle and it is working. I can use the stairs now and do many other things that I could not do before.I realized the pain cannot go away immediately in just one or two treatments, but it takes time. I have had both laser and trigger point therapy and although laser therapy is really good, personally I have had more success with the trigger point treatment. My husband, on the other hand noticed substantial differences with the laser acupuncture in combination with the trigger point treatment for his pain.The thing I like the most about trigger point therapy is that it doesn’t hurt. Dr. Naran is amazing. A lot of people are worried that the treatment will be like acupuncture, but it is not. With trigger point treatment, the needle is very fine and I notice immediate relief. When I first came to see Dr. Naran, the right side of my back felt like a cement or hard wood block. Now, it seems like I have soft malleable tissue around there. That’s an extraordinary feeling! I call Dr. Naran, Dr. Painless. My great thanks to Dr. Naran and the great team, they have given me back my life.

Maritza McLean

I was experiencing migraine headaches and muscle tension for about 5 years and my family doctor suggested that I should try Dr.Naran. Before, I was in so much pain and it was just a miserable time for me. I have got a lot of relief from the Trigger Point treatment. I get less headaches and it has really improved my overall well being and life. What I like the most about trigger point therapy is that it relaxes me and it works surprisingly fast!

Sandra Laing, North Vancouver

I had a herniated disc about 5-6 years ago, and I had muscle soreness and tenderness in the injured area. Before trigger point therapy, I would have flare ups once a month and ever since I started the treatment, the frequency has reduced. What I liked the most is how quickly I recovered. When I was going to a chiropractor, the relief would last maybe a week and then I would have to go back again for treatment. But Trigger Point treatment seems to maintain the level of low pain. What surprised me the most about trigger point treatment is that it actually works!

Jenny Narayan, Delta

I got into an accident at a hospital I work at and got injured by a patient. For almost a year, I had the pain in my right shoulder, hand and hip.Before trigger point therapy, my life was at its worst, I couldn’t even sleep at night. It was really the worst, I could say. I used to have pain all the time before trigger point, but after the treatment I felt good. What I like most about the treatment is that it relaxes me. I now have a good night’s sleep, which is what I need the most. I would recommend trigger point therapy to other people, because I feel good and I think others should feel good too. The best part was to see the pain go away so quickly.

Soheila Hajalian, Port Coquitlam

For a long time, I experienced pain in my arm and I couldn’t move it. I tried everything and nothing would work including physiotherapy and other different methods. I almost gave up as I was in so much pain. Every time I went to a doctor they suggested doing surgery and the thought of surgery scared me. But when I was introduced to Dr. Naran’s method of Trigger Point treatment, it was just amazing! It made a huge difference to me. I began to my daily walks as earlier I couldn’t move much because of the pain. I felt with other methods of treatment or medication, I had to wait a long time. Either I had to repeat treatment often or take too much medication. With trigger point therapy, I felt so much better and within a week the pain was gone. I keep telling all my friends or anybody I see with pain about this method of therapy. I am so happy to have found out about Trigger Point treatment. I am done with all my pain.

Melissa Ince, North Vancouver

I had chronic headaches almost every day. I felt a lot of dizziness and pain and basically had trouble just getting through the day. This severe problem went on for a year. Now, with trigger point treatment, my headaches have virtually gone, the dizziness is rare and I see a significant difference. I feel 75-80 % better with trigger point therapy and laser acupuncture. My quality of life is a lot better now and I can get through the day without headaches. I am able to do a lot more with my day, I spend more time playing with my daughter and I am enjoying life a lot more. I wasn’t aware of trigger point therapy till a few months ago. The once a week treatment is great, especially with a busy schedule. This is the only treatment I found that helps and makes a difference within just a couple of weeks.

Donna Cato, RN, BScN, MSN (Nursing)

Dr. Naran and his acupuncture treatments helped me more in just two weeks than western medicine did in several months. In fact, Dr. Naran was able to reverse the damage done to my body by months of traditional “treatment.” He is truly a gifted healer and acupuncture worked very well on me.

Roman Gross

After suffering for good 30 years from chronic Achilles tendon inflammation, Dr. Naran managed what no other physician was able to achieve. After a number of treatments with his Trigger Point therapy and K-Laser I can walk and run again. This to me borders on a miracle. Dr. Naran used the same approach on my lower back with equally great results. There is no reason to suffer in vain. Thank You.

Dr. Dorothy M. Janzen , M.D

Dr. Naran’s acupuncture treatment have been a blessing to me over the past 8 years. When standard medical remedies have failed to relieve musculoskeletal pain, I have responded to acupuncture quickly, and with often astounding success. One example in particular springs to mind when I was in agony with shoulder bursitis. Nothing had worked to relieve the intense pain in my shoulder, and I was ready to go to emergency for a shot of morphine, when a colleague sent me to Dr. Naran. Several needles later, my pain was gone completely. I was able to return to my normal activities, and only a few supplemental treatment sessions were needed. I can firmly attest to the beneficial effects of acupuncture, and often refer patients to Dr. Naran for treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.

Lori Bagneres, North Vancouver

Dr. Naran introduced trigger point therapy to me a few months ago for my aching shoulder. I had been suffering from it for years and had gone to a chiropractor and physiotherapist to get it treated. After just 2 trigger point injections ( which lasted less than a minute each) , I could get practically 95% motion out of my shoulder without suffering from pain. This is miraculous, considering the everyday task of reaching behind my back to put my bra on in the morning would send me into excruciating pain. I would highly recommend this treatment- it is highly effective and moreover covered under the BC Health Card ! Thanks Dr. Naran!

Rosalind Ferry
Deep Cove Physiotherapy Clinic
Senior Physiotherapist

I have found acupuncture to be highly effective for certain conditions that fail to respond to conventional treatment. I have also witnessed first-hand the positive effects of acupuncture for some of my own musculo-skeletal problems, such as neck dysfunction and tennis elbow.


As an avid sports enthusiasts, I was not able to fully participate  in sports related activities due to long term chronic knee pain. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Naran.  I was initially skeptical  about the Trigger Point Therapy, however,I still gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to notice significant improvement in a short time. I have now returned to him for my past rotating cuff tear injury which has flared up recently. I am confident that Dr. Naran’s expertise will bring about positive results. I appreciate his optimistic approach and particular expertise. I hope you will find this positive feedback helpful.

Erma Friesen Fraser Lake, B.C.

Thanks for the healthy back! I have had a very sore back for most of my life. The last three years have been almost unbearable. I tried everything with no success. My boyfriend told me about Dr. Naran’s trigger point treatments so I came down to Vancouver and made an appointment. I didn’t have much faith that it would work, and was rather nervous about needles. I limped into his office in April 2008. I walked out 15 minutes later, with all the pain in my back completely gone. I had one more treatment a few days later, and have had absolutely no pain ever since. I can’t believe it! No pain. The first time in many years. I am so happy. Thanks a lot Dr.Naran.

Roisin Magennis- M.O.A. June 25--08

I am a thirty-four year old mom of two kids, who was having chronic pain.  Over the last two years, I had a total of four surgeries to relieve adhesions. I was told there was nothing more medically that did not involve more surgery or pain medications.  My fiance is a long time patient of Dr. Naran and suggested I give a try!! Well, within the first day of treatment, my pain was decreased by 60% and I could sleep that night. With the second treatment, I was completely pain free without the use of medications.  Dr Naran is truly a miracle worker! I am so blessed to be his patient and be cured without surgery. Thank you Dr Naran.


For the past 5 years, I have suffered from superficial numbness in my right thigh whenever I stood or walked slowly for more than ten minutes. The result was not painful, but rather annoying because I could never tell what was in my pockets and my clothing rubbing on the skin created a “pins and needle” tingling. The effect wore off if I sat or walked briskly. I have not been able to identify any causal event.  After discussing this situation with Dr Naran, he suggested trigger point therapy in the affected muscle. On examination, he found a very sensitive muscle in my groin which I had not noticed before.  It took all of five minutes to inject the anesthetic into several locations in my upper thigh just below the sensitive area. The next time, I was in a prolonged standing situation was two days later while painting some moulding strips. The job took at least two hours and I suddenly realized I had experienced no numbness. I have had no recurrences of the numbness since even though I have been in several situations when it would have occurred. I am not sure quite how this treatment works, but it does work for me. It has been a full week now and when I returned to Dr Naran today for follow up, he decided there was no need for further treatment. So five minutes of treatment cleared up five years of superficial numbness. Well worth a few jabs!