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Lori and Stephen Fields

We cannot stress enough the difference the whole Rejuv program has made for us.  We love the fact that the program is all under ‘one roof’ so to speak. You have Dr. Naran who is the doctor; Leslie the nutritionist and Nazim the physical trainer (plus Sura who manages all the components).  Dr. Naran is very intuitive and compassionate, something that a lot of Western doctors are not.  His trigger points are spot on and he is there to  keep an eye on any medical issues that are present or may crop up.  Leslie is phenomenal with her nutrition expertise.  Stephen has had acid all his life and was on some very heavy duty antacids and now with our diet being more alkaline, his acid issues have virtually disappeared. His digestion is so much better now without bloating.  We love the recipes from the Rejuv University and also the cookbooks that Leslie has recommended.  I can’t believe how much I enjoy Kombucha and sauerkraut. They taste great and make me feel good!

I have had a lot of nerve damage and Sciatica in my left leg and I was trying every treatment imaginable to no avail.  I started working with Nazim and the pain has decreased dramatically.  I have a physical job working with people with physical disabilities and  I feel so much stronger and fitter.  When I first started working with Nazim I was very weak but I am amazed at how much more I am able to do now.  Stephen has Fibromyalgia and too much exercise can exhaust him but Nazim allows Stephen to do the workouts at his own pace and Stephen has felt a difference in his body.

Thank you all so much. Keep up the good work!!

Siddharth Sharma and Lisa Fleischauer

The entire Rejuv team is very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. From Day 1, we felt as if we were in good hands and the team had our best interests in mind. We were struggling with weight loss and fitness issues due to time management problems. However, Dr. Naran instilled positivity in us that we can make this happen and they will help us through the 90-day program. We were introduced to Leslie who is a very passionate, understanding and kind nutritionist. She set us up for success while making us understand that diet is #1 priority to losing weight and isn’t an easy path. The first week switching diet was not easy, but knowing the final goal, we braved it. Nazim worked on improving mobility and flexibility on our past injury prone areas. All in all, 60 days in, we have not only lost weight but also feel stronger, more confident, and healthier as we eat the right foods for our body’s wellbeing. Thank you Rejuv!